40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 37, or Holding Our Breath



We know what’s coming. We’ve read the gospel, we’ve heard the story. We know what will transpire and how it will end.


Or we think we know.


Many of us have experienced the journey of Holy Week many times in our lives, and we have traditions and rituals that we stick to every year. We know what we will do. But can we really know what will happen?


It’s easy to go through the motions assuming that it will all be the same as it’s been before and that we won’t discover anything new. But if Holy Week is about anything, it’s about conversion and renewal. Complacency should have no place in our attitudes as we hear again the familiar but mystifying story.


God is speaking to us, now and always, about the ways He wants to change our lives. If we incline our ears and open our hearts to what He whispers, we will discover new meaning in the celebration of His life, death, and resurrection again and again, every year, every day, and in all we do.



My prayer for today:


Father, banish my arrogant belief in my own understanding, and let me see with the eyes of a child, that I may hear and see You with a pure and willing heart.


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