40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 33, or The Days In Between


For many of us, an hour on one day of the week more or less comprises our time devoted to prayer. For many more, even less time is spent with God. The reasons we might give for our minimal efforts are numerous, but all of them are weak.


How much time should we spend on our faith, then? Is going to church once a week enough? What if we go twice a week? What if we pray once in a while? What if we pray once a day?


How much time do you think God spends on you? Do you think He’s only there when you decide to go to church or just when you start talking to Him? No. He spends every moment of your life with you.


How can we go from spending a short while at mass on Sundays to living a holy life that inspires others? Mass is a spiritual well to draw from to help you on your way afterwards, but it’s not a destination. We are meant to go forth and preach the gospel with our words and our actions in our daily life.


When we remain constantly vigilant in our faith, it radiates light out into a dim world. When we are always praying and discerning, we grow in hope, joy, and love that can be seen by those we interact with every day. We are not meant to be devout only from Sunday to Sunday, but all the days between. God gave His whole life for us. Let’s give Him our whole lives back.



My prayer for today:


Lord, do not let me be distracted by the perishing matters of the world, but help me to keep my mind always on You.




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