40 Days, 40 Prayers


Day 32, or More than My Hopes


I consider myself to be a person with a very good imagination. My mind is more often daydreaming than not. Nothing is too fantastical for me. So I can dream up some pretty amazing things.


But still there is a limit. There is a place the mind cannot reach, a height to which it can’t aspire, things so sublime it can’t conceive of them. Our frailty, our fear, our doubt holds us back from being able to even dream that we might ever achieve such magnificence.


What God’s mind has conceived of, however, what He’s planned and brought about, what He has in mind for us incomprehensibly surpasses the grandest visions we’re capable of.


And no matter how unworthy we are, He has dreamt it for us all. And even though we can’t yet fully see it, if we believe in it and live this life in hope of it, someday we may truly awake in His dream.



My prayer for today:


Father, help me to fully trust in Your plan and joyfully hope for Your promised land.




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