40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 26, or Unlocked Door

It’s important to remember that nothing can keep us apart from God, unless we allow it. It’s easy to remain indignant about our own part in our separation from Him, but deep down we know He’s never going to be the one to walk away. Only we can do that.

And sometimes we do. When we let pride and fear have control instead of trusting Him, we let the worries of the world take His place in our hearts. Then the same pride and fear keep us from returning to Him. We know He’s waiting for us to repent and return to Him, but we’re too arrogant to admit we were wrong, and too afraid that He won’t take us back.

Trust. Believe. Love. Every word He’s ever said, everything He’s ever done has been telling you that His love is infinite and unconditional. He created you to live in His love, and the only thing standing in your way is the door that you shut, the door that only you can open again. He won’t force His way in. He’s waiting, hoping. How long will you keep Him waiting?


My prayer for today:

Lord, protect me from allowing fear, worry, pride, and anger to overtake Your peace in my heart.



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