40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 25, or Indestructible


Our strength breaks down. Our hope diminishes. Our faith wavers. The journey is too long, our enemies too many. Our allies are divided, scattered, weakened. We feel only the stones hurled at us from all sides with each labored step we take in pursuit of a life lived for others, for righteousness, for love.


That’s how it feels sometimes. Many times. Because the adversary is marvelously good at infiltrating, surrounding, and isolating those who serve God. He knows that the feeling of being alone, outnumbered, and deserted is an easy way into a person’s mind. When you’re flanked by the enemy, you’re tempted to surrender rather than be taken down.


But in reality, it’s all an illusion. We’re not on our own at all. The strongest army in the world is made of God’s soldiers. Our fortress is impregnable. We have the perpetual high ground. When we stand together, we are unassailable.


The more the culture of hate tries to divide us and make us feel weak, the more we must seek each other out, give each other strength, stand unintimidated on our bedrock of truth, and keep battling through the darkness.



Judith 9:11  “For your strength does not depend on numbers, nor your might on the powerful. But you are the God of the lowly, helper of the oppressed, upholder of the weak, protector of the forsaken, savior of those without hope.



My prayer for today:


Lord, when we feel like an army of one against a thousand, give us courage to come together in brotherhood, to defend and fight for Your truth.




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