40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 17, or Rocky Ground




When you’ve been traveling on an even road for some time, you get used to the levelness of the ground, the straightness of the path, the rhythm of your step. You don’t need to think about what you’re doing, it’s the same thing over and over, nothing interfering with your direction.


But then you come to a stretch in the path that is not so smooth. It dips and rises, there are rocks and pebbles that trip you up. You’re not so sure of your footing any longer.


This makes the journey longer and more tiring, and one can grow discouraged. But the truth is, a rough patch doesn’t stop your progress along the right path. You may take some side steps, you may not know the exact way you’re going to move forward, but you’ve not strayed from the path. You’re staying the course, no matter how rough the ground you walk on.



My prayer for today:



Lord, keep me steady on the journey to holiness, both when I’m certain of the way and in the times when I falter and am unsure. Continue to guide me to Your will, and increase my hope in attaining the goal.




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