40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 16, or A Time to Muse


I’ve always been someone who tries not to appear too introspective and sentimental, worrying that I will come across as fake. Always, however, I fail miserably, because these qualities have been used as building materials for my very being. To deny them is like trying to take the ice cream out of a milkshake.


And I always wonder why it is I’m afraid to show these attributes, and why they are perceived as negative by many people. Is it really a waste to take time to evaluate one’s inner self? Is it a weakness to reflect on all the evils and virtues and unexplainable feelings of life that make us all human? Is it foolish to believe in something?


Of course not. These things are not foolish. It’s far more foolish to meet everything in life with skepticism, to disallow oneself to even recognize any tender feelings one harbors.


If we fear to confront these emotions, we will eventually either become overrun by them, or numb to them entirely. Is sentimentality a greater sin than apathy?



My prayer for today:


Lord, when the world says that faith and love are lies and folly, help me to remember the endlessness and indissolubility of Your perfect love, the love that You created us for.




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