40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 13, or Hidden Rewards


Perhaps nothing makes us happier than being surprised by kindness. Small, random acts of thoughtfulness and generosity make us feel loved and important. That is, seemingly small. Seemingly random.

The very act of stopping what you’re doing and reaching out to someone, thinking of them, and doing something you know will make them happy is the most excellent practice of selflessness and service that we can do. For family, friends, or strangers, sacrificing the smallest thing can have the most unexpected results. We probably will never see the effect on other people’s lives of the little services we do, but we can be sure that it’s greater than we know. And we can feel the effect that serving others has on us.

You may not change a life by some words of encouragement or an act of charity, but you may change someone’s day. You may change someone’s heart. Perhaps your own.

My prayer for today:

Heavenly Father, sometimes I hesitate to reach out to others because I am afraid that they will not accept kindness. Give me courage and humility to think only of them, and not to fear for myself. Banish selfishness from my heart by giving me opportunities to practice generosity, patience, and love.



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