40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 11, or Trapped in the Storm


Whether it be a sandstorm in the desert or, as it is right now where I live, a snowstorm, when you get caught in one, you have to think fast about the best course of action.

Should you choose a direction and forge ahead, regardless of whether it’s the right one, determined that even going the wrong way is better than standing still?

Should you call out for help, hoping that someone might hear you and show you a way out?

Should you stumble around in circles, hoping to blindly discover some path to salvation?

Maybe all you can do is seek the most solid thing you can find, hold onto it with all you have left in you, and cling to the knowledge that the storm, as all storms before it, will eventually pass.


My prayer for today:


Heavenly Father, You know there are many times when I try to walk to You, but sink because of my lack of faith. Call me out upon the water, and grant me the peace to hear only Your voice, see only Your face, and firmly believe that with You, I can do all things.



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