40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 10, or Every Step


Have you ever had to walk a long distance in really uncomfortable shoes? Most people have at some point or another. Think back to how it was. Your feet were hurting, each step pained you more and more, and it felt like you’d been walking forever with no end in sight. All you could think about was getting where you were going, getting off your feet, taking off your shoes, and throwing them across the room.

Such an ordeal makes it very hard to focus on where you’re actually walking. You can’t even see what’s around you. You just want it to be over.

In our walk with God, it’s so easy to only think about the discomfort we’re feeling now, sometimes even forgetting entirely where we’re trying to go or why we want to go there.

But every step is important. Every step has a purpose. Every step is a step further, a step into a new place, a step that affords different views. And we would benefit from pausing, despite our suffering and our eagerness to reach the end, to consider what we gain from each and every step.

My prayer for today:

Heavenly Father, when all I do is complain about my current circumstances and want to rush to the next place, remind me that everything You put in my path serves to prepare me for what You have planned for me.



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