40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 5, or Ulterior Plots



I think God is the most talented screenwriter ever to exist. The movies He writes are the kind where you don’t know what to expect of it, but you leave the theater knowing you’ll never be the same for experiencing it.

He adds all those elements to the story that we most love. The adventure of the unknown, the seemingly insignificant player being called upon to fulfill a great destiny, the irredeemable gaining hard-won redemption, the confusion and despair of hitting rock bottom and not knowing how a happy ending could possibly be achieved.

The moments of shock, of heartbreak, of laughter at the irony of it all. We follow what seem to be misdirections, and just when we think we’ve figured out the ending, things are turned on their head again, and we enjoy a rare moment of pure surprise.

We get frustrated as the suspense of not knowing what’s going to happen builds, and we just want to skip to the end, to have closure. But as the story unravels, the pieces fall into place, and you see the purpose of every previous scene, all the signs and foreshadowing that were there that you didn’t notice or understand, because they didn’t fit the ending you imagined. You think, “I see now why that had to happen!”

As the screen goes black, and you stand up to go, it’s hard to remove yourself from this story, this world that you were so immersed in for so long. You replay the whole thing and see so much meaning that wasn’t there before.

And you leave the theater, thinking what a wonderful, magical movie it turned out to be.


My prayer for today:


Lord, I often grow impatient waiting to see how Your plan will unfold. Instead of following Your plot, I want to skip ahead to be sure of the ending. Fill me with the faith to trust in You and live every step of the story You’ve written for me.



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