40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 2, or Into the Desert


Can you think of a time that someone did something for you that was above and beyond your expectations of him? When someone was there to help you, defend you, or listen to you when he knew there was nothing in it for him? When it cost him time, money, sleep, comfort, or even his reputation? Something that made you think, “Now that’s a real friend!”

We cherish these people when we find them. We value their loyalty and kindness. We hold onto the friends who walk with us on rough, dangerous, and unknown paths. And, when we remember to, we try to be that kind of friend to them.

Do you call Jesus your friend? He walks with you, carries you, shields you through every trial of your life. He’s never once left you to fend for yourself. He’s never stopped listening to your smallest worries and fears.

Do you walk through the desert with Him? Do you stay by His side the whole way, even when you grow famished and thirsty and exhausted, even when it seems there’s no hope of reaching the end, even when demons pursue you on every side and tell you your journey is pointless, your efforts a waste, your hopes an illusion? Do you stumble through with Jesus?

If you’re like me, your eyes are always on the destination, but often you forget the path that leads there. Without realizing, your feet take you to a road with fewer rocks, soft green grass, and a voice encouraging you along, telling you there’s plenty of time to go back to the hard road with Jesus. Stay here. Take a break.

But as you travel this way, you soon realise that you never really get anywhere. You don’t even know where you’re going. And you’re alone. No one walks with you on this path, because they’re just trying to figure out their own destination.

It may seem too late, too far to turn back, to find Jesus and walk the desert road with Him. But you’ll find that as soon as you turn away from the deceptive route you’re on, He’s there, leading you, carrying you in the right direction as if you never left, And you know that He was with you all along, ready for you to turn around and see Him and follow him through the rough, uncertain desert to the resting place you hope to reach.

You’re never too lost to be found. You’re never too far away to go home. If you take a step back, you can see the whole map, and you’ll know exactly where you are and where you need to be. Just keep walking with Christ.


My prayer for today:


Oh my Jesus, this world holds many seductive and twisting paths that I am sometimes tempted to follow. Guide me by the hand toward Your will, and away from anything that leads me away from You. Make me deaf to the lies of evil-doers, and blind to the false picture of happiness the world paints. Open my eyes and ears to Your truth, and strengthen me to walk in Your way.




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