Hard to Get

People say it all the time. Communication is the key to any relationship. But people never want to apply it to their relationship with God. It’s all on Him. He has to reach out, make Himself known, prove He exists. What are you doing to prove you exist?

Building a wall and challenging someone to break it down to get to you is hardly the action of someone who wants a relationship. Yet He does it. He loves us so much He breaks down all our ridiculous, selfish, unreasonable walls to be with us.

You say, “what do you know about it? You’ve never dealt with a loss of communication with God.” Don’t you think I’ve experienced periods of silence? I have. Many times. I know all about that unforgiving, intolerable ice wall of silence. I know all about how you feel so desperate and lonely and you constantly cry out for one little word, one little whisper, and how ready you are to give up hope, give up belief.But I’ve learned that the ice wall isn’t put up by anyone but myself. By my demons. By the one who wants us all estranged from God.

And still He breaks it down. Just when you’re ready to collapse, He reaches out to you. Maybe it’s taken what feels like forever, maybe it’s not in the way you expected, maybe it’s the smallest, almost imperceptible message, but He talks to you, in a clear, unmistakable voice. And then all that waiting is utterly forgotten, all that forever feels like a second, all you know is that He was always there, you just couldn’t see Him through your sin. You were too stubborn and too scared to move, but He broke through that.

But why make Him do that every time? Turn away again and again, and eventually it’s too late to turn back. And you have nothing but your pride to blame.

Talk to Him. No matter how small a word you say or how quietly you say it, He’ll hungrily listen. Maybe He, too, is waiting for just one little whisper from you.


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