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Things that aren’t virtues:





It’s sad that tolerance is treated as the highest of virtues these days, when it isn’t a virtue at all. If someone told you, “Hey, I really tolerate you,” would you take that as a compliment? I’m sure you would rather hear, “Hey, I really love you.” And love, contrary to popular belief, is not a feeling. It’s a concrete, purely selfless virtue that requires making a choice to place someone else’s good above your own, even if it means holding your ground when you know they’re wrong. I’d take tough love over easy tolerance any day.

If you say you respect everyone’s opinion, you’re lying. Because a lot of people’s opinions are bat-crap crazy. A lot. Annie Wilkes crazy. You shouldn’t respect those opinions. They’re stupid. And if you respect them, I’m gonna assume you’re stupid.

Everyone’s right to his opinion, on the other hand, is sacred. Everyone’s right to express his opinion is sacred. That doesn’t mean we have to respect it or validate it with the constant, universal, mind-numbing chant, “I respect your opinion, I respect your opinion, I respect your opinion.”

When you recite this meaningless drivel to me, I know you’re lying. And I would rather hear you state your actual, real, opposing opinion. Because though I won’t listen to it for a moment with the intent of agreeing with you, at least I can then believe that you’re a human being with a brain, not an echo of the spineless, all-tolerating society that is perpetually throwing stones at stained glass windows because their beauty is deemed offensive to those who go to look at them.

Matthew 10:34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.


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