30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 16

Prompt #16: What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

‘Kay, these won’t be in order. Like me!

1. Learning how to use the copy maker at work. I felt so powerful after that. “Hey Sarah, could you make me two thousand copies of this picture of a caterpillar?” Yes, yes I can!

2. Completing 12 grades of home school. Which is a greater accomplishment for my mom, but still a great accomplishment for me. I am so ridiculously proud that I’m a homeschooler. Yes, present tense. Because school is where you learn how to learn for the rest of your life.

3. Being Catholic. You don’t think that’s an accomplishment? Psh! Dare you to try it for a month.

4. Standing up for my beliefs. It’s very hard for me to speak out. I’m so afraid of what others will say, what they’ll think of me, how they’ll turn on me and attack, persecute, use my words against me. And every time that’s what happens. But I do it anyway. Because if I can’t defend my beliefs when there’s nothing but my pride and comfort on the line, how will I be able to defend them when something that matters is at stake?

5. Being myself. This also has not always been easy. Insults, jokes, and teasing from those close to me have at times worn me down and made me want to give up, conform. But God made me a creature who abhors conformity. So my whole life, I passionately refuse to listen to that wicked voice that says, “take the easy road; be of the world.” God give me strength to always ignore that voice!


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