30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 14

I am once again catching up on these prompts, but not because I’m a procrastinator! I got sick (my first week of work, seriously germs??) and have been too ill to stand up for more than five minutes let alone formulate and type a cohesive thought. But now I’m good and drugged up, so my brain might let me create some foggy but nevertheless comprehensible sentences. (My head is a little uh…floaty? Just cold medicine, I swear!)

Prompt #14: Describe 5 strengths that you have.

1. I’m passionate. I may not always care as much as I should, but what I do care about my whole soul goes into. Sometimes it’s a bit of a problem actually, because I get too passionate about things I shouldn’t, but most of the time I regard it as a good thing.

2. I’m affectionate. Again, sometimes this is a weakness because I get too clingy, but it’s mainly a good thing. Once I decide to like someone, I’ll be their best friend for life. They can call me whenever they want, tell me anything. I’m also very touchy-feely. I’m a big hugger!

3. I’m easygoing. (You guessed it, this is also sometimes a weakness. I’m indecisive and a pushover.) But though I might have a tiny little panic attack once in a while, I usually just assume things will work themselves out. I don’t really stress out too much and I’m not demanding or controlling. I guess I’m pretty great to be around!

4. I’m creative and artistic. (Proud INFP Myers-Briggs personality type-look it up and you’ll have a good idea what I’m like.) My head is always in the clouds, and I’m proud of that. I have big ideas that don’t get put into action and gigantic dreams that I’m too afraid to pursue. But half the beauty of dreaming is the very practice of dreaming itself. (Oh dreeeeam when you’re feeling blueee, dreeeeam and they might come true…) Don’t talk to me about facts and logic and what is. Where’s the fun in that? Talk to me about tomorrow, what could be. Because that’s where there’s hope. That’s where there’s possibility.

5. I’m adorable! Kidding, kidding! I’m devoted and loyal. My heart tends to stay in one place. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t travel to new places, but no matter where it goes, it doesn’t leave home.


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