30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 13

Prompt #13: Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

1. I’m selfish. Obviously this applies to everyone, but we all have our own manifestations of selfishness to deal with and overcome. Mine is mainly a sort of vanity and self-concern.

2. I’m a little insecure. Heheh…yeah. But I’m working on it, and getting better every day, thanks to the man upstairs and the encouraging people by whom I’m surrounded.

3. I can be a little apathetic. I don’t know why either, I’m a very emotional person, but so often I feel strongly about all the wrong things.

4. I’m lazy. If left undisturbed, I would happily sit in bed all day with nothing but internet access and food and water. On the same note, I’m a procrastinator, but it kind of works for me. I get stuff done at the last minute, but it gets done.

5. I’m timid. Another thing I’m working on. I won’t try to do anything unless someone tells me I can do it. Even then, I assume I’m gonna mess it up. People is a whole other issue. A roomful of strangers can make me feel like a fish in a bowl, everyone watching me flounder.

So those are absolutely the only weaknesses I have, and it was hard to come up with that many, but there you have it!


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