30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 11

So after the nightmare that was yesterday’s prompt, today’s is much more pleasant to talk about!

Prompt #11: Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Arrogant people. Gosh, they get on my nerves. You know when people are all stuck-up, supercilious, and conceited, and you just can’t get through to them the unbelievable reality that they are, in fact, NOT better than anybody else? Yeah, that bothers me.

2. When people use ignorant stereotypes. You’re homeschooled? You must not have any friends. You have the skin tone of a vampire? You can’t be part Filipino. Or like, when people are “against stereotyping,” just not the stereotypes they buy into. You can’t say anything about homosexuals, muslims, or african-americans without being called a bigot, but christians, homeschoolers, and southerners are unquestionably fair game for all manner of insults and hateful speech. (Those are all just examples, no one freak out.)

3. When I’m brushing my teeth and spill toothpaste on my shirt. Or when I’m drinking and spill beverage on my shirt. Or when I’m eating and spill food on my shirt. Curvy girl problems.

4. When people say you have bad taste because you don’t like the same things as them. Especially in music. Yes I love musicals, and you don’t, and that’s perfectly fine. But don’t tell me that musicals are terrible just because you don’t like them. What you mean to say is, you think musicals are terrible.

5. When there’s fruit salad, but it’s mostly melon. Because I don’t like melon, and then if I want fruit, (which I do because if I don’t have it I’ll feel fat,) then I have to pick out the few pieces of pineapple, strawberry, and grape that are in there, and then I feel like a bad person because there’s less pineapple, strawberry, and grape for everyone else. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT TO ME?

6. When guys complain about girls just a little too much. I know there’s gonna be guys (and possibly girls) who are gonna slam me for this, so I’m just gonna straight out say, I am FED UP with men AND women speaking about each other in general terms. We all know that just doesn’t work. (Either don’t use general terms, or acknowledge that you’re using general terms.) So let me explain. And please read the whole explanation before angrily commenting something stupid.

Men and women complain about each other, and that’s actually probably a good thing. I think it’s very healthy to vent about the opposite sex to your friends. But can’t we agree to vent more privately instead of publicly? I know that personally, me and my friends talk (or complain) about guys for the most part only when guys aren’t around. (Isn’t that nice of us?) And personally, I hear non-stop tired, inaccurate, over-generalised cliches about girls from guys. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, THERE MAY BE SOME GIRLS WHO HAVE A LOT OF SHOES, BUT HARDLY ANY GIRLS I KNOW ACTUALLY HAVE ANY MORE THAN WHAT’S NORMAL AND REASONABLE! And I FOR SURE know nothing about handbags and matching belts. And even if a girl does match those stereotypes, so what? What’s wrong with that? Also, so many guys complain that they don’t understand girls and they’re weird and crazy. But don’t they realise that THAT’S EXACTLY HOW WE FEEL ABOUT GUYS? And sure, girls say that about guys too. But I guess what I’m saying is, we all know that guys and girls don’t understand each other, so why do we keep talking about it as if it’s news? Why can’t we just commiserate with our friends about it and stop trying to understand? If God wanted men and women to understand each other, He would have created them with the ability.

Sigh. I know I’m going to regret that rant.

7. When people assume that because I look small and “cute” I don’t get angry. Like, I can get REALLY ANGRY sometimes. Like, Bruce Banner/Hulk angry. Like, you don’t want to incur my wrath angry. And then I’ll either forget about it in 5 minutes or hold a grudge against you about it for the rest of my life.

8. Being ignored. Well, this one’s tricky, because sometimes I want to be ignored, but then sometimes I want attention. But being ignored is not a nice feeling when I don’t want to be. ‘Cause then I feel like I’m the worst person ever and I’m that annoying person that no one likes but everyone pretends to like.

9. Stubbing my toes.

10. Getting mail and phone calls in Spanish because of my last name. Let me tell you, when you answer your phone and some lady starts yelling a sales pitch to you in a language you don’t understand, every bad thing you’ve ever done suddenly comes to mind.


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