30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 5

Prompt #5: What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

‘Kay, I’m gonna exclude things like God, being alive, my family, and water and air and shelter and stuff, because that all makes me very happy, but kind of go without saying…please don’t hate me.

1. Even though most of my friends just left for college, they’re just so amazing that they still make me happy. (I really miss you guys by the way!) Especially with all the support they give me for-well, really, everything I do. I can’t believe they still haven’t gotten tired of refuting my self-abuse. Seriously, I am annoying. I wouldn’t have the patience to be my friend. Anyway, my friends make me very happy!

2. Having my whole life ahead of me. I often feel like I’m a failure or a loser or something for not knowing what I’m meant to do with my life, but I also feel excited and optimistic when I think about the fact that anything-anything could be waiting for me.

3. Life and people are forever surprising and amazing me.

4. Striving to be better. The road is long and hard and rough and winding. But I’m honestly enjoying the ditches, the obstacles, and the dead ends. I love learning along the way and the surprising moments of joy.

5. Writing. Though I still don’t consider myself a real writer, the writing I do makes me so happy. Singing, writing, making things, being creative takes me away from all my thoughts and makes me happy.


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