30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 4

Prompt #4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could. (Warning: these are going to be very cliche.)

1. Things will get infinitely better.

2. Dang girl, you look gooood!

3. But you’ll look better in about two years.

4. Don’t rush into a relationship. Being single may seem terrible, but the wrong relationship will be worse!

5. Chin up honey…no one likes being around your sour face! Be kind even though you feel terrible. (Oooooh, child, things are gonna get easier, oooooh, things’ll get brighter…)

6. I can’t tell you when the pain and confusion is going to end, because it hasn’t yet. But you’ll have a lot of really bright spots along the way.

7. Yes, you do kinda fall in love with him.

8. That one time you try something new, when you leave your box, when you get out of the boat-it will change your life.

9. You are so much stronger than you think you are. You don’t think you are, but you’re strong and valiant and tough.

10. The people in your life who have always been there are so easy to get used to. You don’t realize how important they are. So appreciate them, love them, hold onto them. There’s still room in your heart for the new, incredible people God is about to put in your life.

I’m gonna cheat and add an 11th: Your vulnerability is a gift. Don’t let the world make you bitter and brittle. Cherish your emotion, your soulfulness, your weakness. Nurture your hope, your optimism, your dreams and beliefs. Faith is not foolish. Faith is the peak of humility. Faith is the essence of beauty.


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