30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 2

Prompt #2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Well the trick here is to pick just three fears…although I’m pretty sure none of my fears are legitimate.

I guess I’ll start with my fear of water, which isn’t legitimate. To clarify, it’s not really a fear of water, because I see a glass of water, it’s all good, I’m not gonna scream or anything. I can kind of (sort of) swim a little, I’m good with boats, I’m fine just being in the water. But if my head goes under water, if I get splashed, if water gets in my nose or eyes, I panic for a little bit. I guess it’s really more a fear of drowning. That’s why on t.v. when someone’s in the shower and they’re all like, sticking their face in the water and opening their mouth then spitting out water it really weirds me out. Like, what on earth are they doing? That can’t possibly be pleasant. I mean, does anyone really do that? Sorry, moving on.

So I also have a perpetual fear that everyone actually hates me and are just pretending to like me. Of some people, I know for certain that’s not true, but the fear persists. This is definitely not a legitimate fear, but it feels legitimate.

Then there’s the sort of subconscious, haunting fears that I’m forgetting something, I’m being forgotten, and I’m never going to accomplish anything. Those are probably the only legitimate fears. (Yes, I’m joking!)

In all seriousness, aside from psychological fears that we can’t control, I believe there are very few fears that are legitimate. Love casts out all fear. So what can touch us when endless love is waiting? There’s nothing wrong with being afraid, but we can’t let it scare us. It will pass. Compared to everything else, fear is so small. “Fear knocked on the door, Faith answered-and there was nobody there.”



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