30 Days of Writing Prompts, Part 1

As you may have noticed, I have once again trailed off of this beloved project. I didn’t abandon it, however. No, really! I started to write quite a few posts, but haven’t been able to finish any of them. (Big shocker there.) But just because I struggle to write anything meaningful doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write anything. So I decided to try one of those 30 days of writing prompts thingies! Yes, this will probably be quite annoying, so feel free to ignore them. However, since the only things I am writing right now are in a hidden underground secret tunnel, (SECRET TUNNELLLL, SECRET TUNNELLLL, THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS, SECRET SECRET SECRET SECRET TUNNELLLL! If you don’t understand that reference, I feel sorry for you.) I feel the selfish and ill-advised need to put something out there. So apologies in advance….and here we go!

Prompt #1: List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I do not like to eat with my glasses on. I need to be able to see my food properly before I eat it, ya know? That’s normal, right? Eh…whatever.

2. I am 4’9″. Yay leprechauns!

3. I recently learned how to crochet, and I’ve since made two hats, a snood, (I can see you judging me. Stop that.) a pair of fingerless gloves, and half a pair of slippers. I’ve also spent approximately $15 on yarn. You could say I was instantly addicted.

4. Much like my notion of being a writer despite never having written anything, I’ve always just automatically assumed that I’ll become an actress someday, even though I’ve done hardly any acting and have no idea whether or not I can act. Hey, at least I don’t have some delusion that I could become a supermodel!

5. With the exception of the turtle we had when I was little, my goldfish named Jack, and our first dog named Lady, all of the pets I’ve had have been named after Lord of the Rings characters. My beagle, Samwise Frodo, (who was almost named Smeagol the beagle until my mom objected.) although we always call him Sammy, my first guinea pig, Bilbo, and my second guinea pig, Pippin.

6. Lace is pretty much my favorite thing.

7. Peanut butter is pretty much my favorite thing too.

8.  I’m having a hard time thinking of enough random facts about myself, because I want random facts that are vaguely interesting, not the creepy things I wish I didn’t know about myself, let alone publishing to the world. It’s a tough balance.

9. I tend towards self-deprecating humor, but I’m also somewhat deadpan, so most people never know when I’m joking and think I have depressingly low self-esteem. Which I do, but you know, no cause for alarm. Basically, I’m just not funny.

10. I know exactly who among my acquaintance would agree with #9 and who would immediately protest. I love those second people!

Hey, halfway there! (Whoa, living on a prayer.) Sorry not sorry.

11. Have you noticed I’ve given up on actual random facts? That’s pretty typical of me. Start out with enthusiasm, end with despair.

12. I always feel so grateful for all the people God’s put in my life. Honestly, it’s like I’m a potato chip in a bowl of chex mix.

13. I’m a celto-phile. Probably mostly because I’m Irish and Scottish, but also because I’m a Scottish Country Dancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEEktMQNZxo

14. I (almost) always wear skirts and dresses, hardly ever pants. So if you see me in a casual setting and I’m in a dress, I am (probably) not dressing up for you. At the same time…

15. I always overdress. I would wear ball gowns every day if I could. Life is too short not to wear what you want. (As long as it’s modest, of course!)

16. Ummmm…I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.

17. Netflix is pretty much my favorite thing.

18. I have never been on an airplane.

19. I love singing old songs. Patsy Cline is my role model when it comes to singing.

20. Ok, 19 random facts is really good, right? 19 is a prime number, which makes it awesome. And it’s how many years I’ve been living, so that’s cool. I’m just gonna stop at 19. WAIT WAIT I thought of something! I really hate not being able to sing, because I just sing almost literally all of the time without thinking about it, but then a few months ago I got sick and couldn’t sing for a really long time and it gave me a very frustrated feeling.

The end!


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