Is it very bad to be the type of person who tries to keep himself from being too happy? Because I am that type of person. Emily Dickinson, who, I confess, I think of as a kindred spirit, often wrote about the fear of happiness, because to someone who’s not used to it, you’re terrified of losing it once you have it. You’re so afraid of climbing too high, only to fall farther than you were before. You’d almost rather stay safe on the “good enough” ground you’re used to. Almost…

“I don’t want to get my hopes up.” “I don’t think anything will come of it.” “I’m excited, but I shouldn’t be, it’s no big deal.” I should really stop saying things like that. Because as a friend once told me, “You are happy! That is a good thing usually.”


3 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Interesting thoughts. I definitely relate. But I think you can allow yourself to be happy more. Because you can’t really control your emotions. However, you can control your reactions to them. Circumstances may change in time, but above all, you always take comfort in your ultimate purpose – to know, love, and serve God. That’s why I’m a little skeptical about people’s ideas of good attitude and bad attitude. I believe we should allow ourselves to feel sad or angry or happy when it’s appropriate because in the end our actions remain our own choice. Sorry if you weren’t exactly looking for advice ^_^” but I hope it helps nonetheless.

  2. Beautiful post! And glad to hear more from you!
    It is a scary leap to jump into happiness no strings attached but I know you are getting much better at it!
    Enjoy the people, places, and circumstances God gives you!

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