I’m Alive.

Yes, the fate of every blogger has befallen me. You start out with high hopes, dreams, goals, ideas, plans. You successfully write a few posts and maybe even get some positive feedback from friends and family. But then, BAM! You just forget it. You get too busy, too tired, or too lazy. (Yeah, I’m just lazy.) Ok, maybe that’s just my fate.

But just when you thought you were rid of me, I’ve returned! Yes, I know, you never actually noticed I was gone. But I’m here, and out of the blue decided I would tend to my poor abandoned project.

So, yeah, I graduated! Graduation was beautiful. So many people worked really hard to make it absolutely gorgeous. I was surprised by how emotional it actually was. (I can only imagine what it was like for my mom, haha.) I made my speech and barely managed not to cry, paying the price of shaking like a leaf and talking with my lip quivering, because that’s what happens to me when I’m emotional or nervous. It’s such a dumb reaction, like a bunny that can smell the hunting dog or something. But anyway, the day was just amazing, so much kindness and love from everyone! I wish I could describe the whole thing, but there was just so much! (By the way, in response to my previous post, Am I Endangered? a lot more 8th grade graduates were staying homeschooled for high school! :D)

Then in the summer I started a new “project.” I started my YouTube channel! With the goal of encouraging other Christian, conservative, and/or homeschooled teens. (Yes, it’s the vlog version of this blog.) Feel free to check it out! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5fT5iUzwrPbES7WfsEx2pQ

However, videos are now on hiatus, but it really is temporary, unless something forces me to stop. That was really fun, challenging myself to come up with new ideas. By the way, thank you so much to all my friends and family who are reading this who watched and encouraged me! It really means the world! ♥

And since then, I’ve just been trying to adjust to being an adult. Not that for me it’s such a big adjustment, because I’m not going to college and I’m still at home. (Yes, I’m an unemployed townie.) But there’s a lot of residual feelings of adolescence and trying to figure things out. And I still fight a lot of the same old spiritual and emotional battles I did through high school. But God still answers every prayer! (Obviously!) I just feel so weak and silly that I’m so spiritually immature, like I should have my act together by now. But I know His plan will unfold in time.

So just a quick update on some of the biggest things that have been going on. I know, that seems like nothing, but it’s just hard to describe everything going on in one’s life. 😀

Thanks for reading, and though I make no promises, I don’t plan on abandoning ship again. 😛 God bless!




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