Am I endangered?

Every year when I go to my home school group’s graduation, (to sing in the choir) the eighth grade graduates have a mini bio about their hobbies, passions, goals, and their plans for high school. I think at least half say they’re planning  to attend a public school. (By the way, for future reference, when I say public school, I mean a school as an establishment; any school other than homeschooling.) And of course, there’s nothing wrong with this whatsoever…IF they made the decision to stop homeschooling for the benefit of their education. Don’t misunderstand: there is nothing intrinsically wrong with public school. (No matter what problems may lie therein.) But I’m always happy when I hear someone say they’re homeschooling  through high school. I know what a blessing it’s been for me, and the gifts and experiences I’ve had because of it. Of course, I’ve also never had the experience of going to public school, so how could I know what I might have missed out on?

But just what is it about high school that strikes fear into the hearts of our valiant home school moms and dads? Why is it that when it comes time to decide an eighth grade home school student’s plan for next year, so many parents flee in terror?

If you’ve homeschooled, you did (do) it for a reason. You understand why homeschooling is paramount education. You understand all the blessings that come with it. You know the trial and error, the learn-as-you-go, the priceless experiences. Does that suddenly become impossible to attempt after 8th grade?

Many of us have done it. My fellow graduates and I have done it. Our parents have worked hard to accomplish it.

At any rate, when I’m at my (home school) high school graduation in a few months, I hope I hear a few more eighth grade graduates say they’re planning on continuing their education at home. : )


4 thoughts on “Am I endangered?

  1. That’s an interesting point. I think most parents panic because they had trouble with high school and, therefore, can’t imagine teaching it. They fail to realize how many options are truly available and the blessing which come along with it.
    Great post!

  2. Great post!!! And great job persevering through high school! It’s a rough road but you are a great example!! Can’t wait to see you at your graduation and hopefully hear your speech!

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