Habemus Papam!

Ok, ok, so this post is a couple days late…but I’m writing it anyway!

So Wednesday’s post was going to be titled, “Papal Conclave (Day 2)” but it turned out not to be necessary. Because as the whole world watched a little tin chimney for historic, life changing news, the smoke that came out appeared black at first and then turned grey, then billowed out in WHITE clouds! Tears immediately came to my eyes as the meaning hit me and the world started to proclaim, “Habemus Papam!” It was such a shock, and my parents and I kept watching eagerly. (As my mom and I kept crying, heheh) And when he stepped out, just one man, humble and small, I realised just how important one man can be. He can be a man for the world. And he’s so wonderful! A pope of many firsts. First Latin American, (and thereby, first American pope…technically?) first Jesuit, first Francis! A humble, simple man. We are so grateful to the Holy Spirit for answering our prayers! (And so promptly, too!)

Wednesday was a great day for the world, but it was also a great day for our family personally. My dad went to a job interview and got it! He can start it the monday after his last day at his old job, it’s a good fit. Everything worked out so well! God is so good. I just keep thinking how fortunate we are. Thanking God with my whole heart!

I had so many thoughts on Wednesday, and one of them was that I was grateful that I could be HOME during SCHOOL, so I was able to see the historic event. Not to say that public school kids can’t live without seeing such things, but I’ve always been able to more or less watch history as it happened because I’m homeschooled. So yet another thing I’m thankful for!


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