Papal Conclave (Day 1)

Not that I have much to say on the subject, but today is the first day of the Conclave! And of course we’ve all been praying and will keep praying for the Conclave and the new pope, whoever it is. The last time a new pope was chosen, it was my 10th birthday, and I watched Benedict XVI step out on the balcony. (He will be missed!) I remember that, but I don’t remember the media coverage around it. But it seems to me that there’s a lot of interest in the secular media surrounding this Conclave, no? Granted, not all of the interest is good. “Journalists” always have agendas. But so much coverage can’t be all bad either. I heard a story of a fallen away Catholic woman who came back to the Church because of the explosion of media coverage around Blessed Pope John Paul II death and then Benedict XVI election. So maybe more people will have their hearts touched through this historic event. God willing!


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